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About the Business



AirSmile is a new and innovative digital marketplace, on a mission to deliver greater control and transparency that will increase access to dental care and break down confusing barriers causing over half of our population (51.2%) to avoid seeing a dentist, often for years at a time (reference). We deliver this revolutionary oral care management opportunity to the public by inviting dentists to showcase their services, expert skills, and business model in an unbiased, convenient, and free to use online marketplace.


AirSmile was created by passionate dental experts, Dr Heath Fraser and practice manager Rebecca VanZutphen.  After decades of clinical experience and practice ownership, the pair felt the dental industry needed a different approach to meet the publics expectations of wanting to feel in control when it comes to finding the best dental care that suits their budget and treatment needs. AirSmile was developed with the hope it would facilitate a change in the way Australia does dental – a welcomed and positive change that will see the health and well-being of our nation improve and greater trust and understanding established between patient and dentist.


For the dental patient, AirSmile brings a newfound freedom of choice and transparency with the aim to find a dentist that meets a person’s specific needs and values.  On AirSmile, you can search by practice reputation within the community, in-house services on offer, availability of appointments, and total price for a previously suggested treatment plan or new patient consultation. This is a ground-breaking opportunity for the Australian people that opens the door to gain clarity and confidence in finding a dentist they love and align with.


For dental practitioners, AirSmile brings easy access to new and motivated patients eager to begin treatment with a dentist they trust.

AirSmile practice partnership offers;

  1. Lower overhead marketing and new patient acquisition costs for the practice wanting to grow and expand their business
  2. Clinical excellence by helping dentists prepared for a new patient with records and patient details available prior to the appointment
  3. An impartial directory that puts practices on an even playing field so that patients can make the right choice in choosing their new dentist, saving considerable lost production time when misalignment and miscommunication occurs.


AirSmile is a game-changing digital platform here to help the Australian community enjoy the simplicity of locating a dental practice aligned with what’s important to them.  We understand that people want to find dental care that is affordable, reputable, and convenient – and find it fast the moment they are ready to start.  Patients also want to find a dental practice that can offer a variety of dental treatments and services that will cater to their individual needs.  These include


And the list goes on…


AirSmile has a big bold vision to build a win-win platform for both dental professionals and patients that offers a clear path to a better way of doing dental in Australia. The ultimate goal is for AirSmile is to make a significant difference in the way the dental industry conducts business with the public by providing a marketplace underpinned by transparency of cost, reputation and standards on delivery of care.  This new way of engaging with the people will mean patients are free and welcomed to make an informed decision in choosing the right care for them, without having to spend time and money shopping around – visiting dentists that don’t fulfil their needs.   


We welcome all Australian dentists and dental practice owners to join AirSmile who are prepared to start working towards communicating with patients differently.  Join us today and be part of our mission in providing a better dental experience and improved oral health for your local community and our nation.


AirSmile invites you to DOWNLOAD & USE THE AIRSMILE PLATFORM FOR FREE and take control over managing your oral health care – digitally. 

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